Machine Learning Ops With FastAPI and Celery

Commit Engineer Kingsley Torlowei shows how he built a configurable machine learning pipeline with FastAPI, Celery and Redis.

P2P Q+A: How do you deal with imposter syndrome?

In this edition of our peer-to-peer Q+A, a Commit community member asks for suggestions in managing feelings of inadequacy.

Committed to Success: Curtis Smith of Certn

“They literally saved me hundreds of hours, and they helped us scale through a period of hyper growth by adding some really core pieces to the team.”

Building a 5-in-1 documentation site with Docusaurus

“Documentation is part of the software—if users can’t figure out how to use the software, then there is no value delivered. If the docs aren’t in the same repo as the code, people will invariably forget to update them, and if the docs are out of sync with the code, they are almost useless.”

First Line of Code: Nicholas Clark of Divvy Homes – Part 2

“No smart, ambitious engineer wants to be told exactly what to do. They want agency and decision making.”

First Line of Code: Nicholas Clark of Divvy Homes – Part 1

“There are a lot of different ways people learn. Some like to read a book, others like to be taught by somebody else. I like to learn by doing.”

Committed to success: Brian St. Amand

“Every startup struggles with being in a little bubble, and Commit can help with getting out of that bubble.”

Software Engineer’s Technical Interview Questions and Preparation Guide

We prefer to think of technical interviews as a chance for both startups and software engineers to get to know one another and assess whether they’d like to commit to working together.

The Software Engineer’s Career Path: Everything you need to know

There are many entryways into a fulfilling and lasting career in software engineering and development. What’s inspiring is that no two software engineering (or development) career paths are the same. For us, that means this is the kind of career that’s open for exploration, continuous learning, and that can spell success for all kinds of people with different technical skill sets, personalities, and backgrounds.

What are your top values as an Engineer? Take the quiz.

We’ve taken the questionnaire that all of our new engineers complete at Commit, and turned it into a lightweight quiz that’s open for anyone to take. You’ll get a high-level summary of the values we think you hold. You’ll also learn which of the largest developer tools startups share those values.