Why you should talk to 30 people (and build a spreadsheet) before changing jobs

Mass adoption of remote-first working will be a huge driver in how the next generation of employees, particularly startup engineers, evaluate career transitions. Some go so far as to argue that the career transition will be relatively simple—the most talented people will pick up and go directly to their current employer’s competitors if they can’t work remotely.

Working Out Loud: Flexible Return-to-Work Policies After Parental Leave

At Commit, I’m fortunate to have the ability to write my own rules for my return to work after parental leave. I also have the responsibility to build a policy for the whole company that is equitable and flexible. We want to meet parents where they are when they’re ready to return to work, and not where or when we think they should be.

Working out loud here… What have you seen work? What has worked for you?

Best Practices for Remote Onboarding of Software Engineers

Onboarding is one aspect of the employee experience that often gets overlooked, especially for early-stage startups that have no official HR function. Why? Founders care deeply about recruiting the best people, and setting them up for success, so it’s not that onboarding doesn’t matter to them. It’s because of recency bias.

My job at Commit is to create an incredible experience for engineers

One August in the 1990s, I drove across Canada, from Calgary to St. John’s, Newfoundland, with a good friend. I have so many fond memories of the journey: our debates about how to solve the world’s problems, the lengthy and reflective conversations, and the notable random people we met along the way.

Staying Social While Social Distancing

At Commit, we are working to help enable more people to work remotely. While I often hear people worry about the lack of socialization when you aren’t in an office anymore, as someone who works from home every day, I’m continually looking for ways to resolve this.

What is a Startup Engineer (And How Are They Different From Other Engineers)?

Over the last few months I’ve spoken with a lot of engineers about Commit, and who we’re building it for. Sure, we aim to partner with exciting and promising seed-funded startups to help them get product-market fit faster, but what we’re really passionate about is optimizing our community for experienced, Entrepreneurial Engineers–the kind of folks that early stage startups dream of working with (and want to hire).