Commit for
Software Engineers

Commit’s Engineering Partner program pays selected entrepreneurial engineers to improve their skills and explore roles at startups that are working on the most interesting, ambitious problems, all while skipping the traditional interview process.

Our operating principle is
"Do What's Right for the Engineer."

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Commit is built by Engineers, for Engineers.

👋 I’m Beier, CTO and co-founder at Commit.

I’ve been a software engineer for 15 years. I’ve spent my career working at startups – I was the first engineer at Hootsuite and scaled that team to over 1000 employees.

As my job shifted to management, I learned that I’m really passionate about helping engineers learn and grow.

I built Commit to fix the career gap that I faced as a Startup Engineer



This 30-minute conversation, conducted over Zoom, is a chance for you to learn more about the program and ask any questions that you have. We’ll be talking about your motivations for applying to the program, the values you hold as a software engineer, and the team dynamics that you like to work within.


This 60-minute conversation, conducted over Zoom, is led by a member of our staff engineering team. This conversation is premised on inquiry-based questions about actual projects you’ve worked on and includes a system design component.

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We believe that it’s relatively easy to gauge an Engineer’s level of understanding about a language or framework by having them explain it. The bonus is that this approach gets candidates who might be nervous and introverted to open up by talking proudly about code they’ve written, projects they’ve contributed to, issues they’ve resolved. It’s not uncommon for our one-hour meetings to stretch to 90 minutes, as candidates get excited talking about their experiences.


This 30-minute conversation, conducted over Zoom, is a chance for you to speak with our CEO, and ask him all the questions you have about joining Commit and working with a startup (or a few!)

If you have questions about the process that haven’t been answered here, please email help@commit.dev. It’s important to us that you come into every conversation feeling prepared and at ease.


Commit is a community of mission-driven engineers who partner together and pool their talents, interests and experiences to work on passion projects, explore and work with new startups, learn from one another, and grow their skill sets (without sacrificing financial stability).

Commit’s program is for engineers who want to work at startups. We take care of all the friction, so you can focus on finding the right fit. We hire you directly into Commit, pay you to find the right startup from a pool of vetted opportunities, let you skip those startups’ normal interviewing processes, and then you join the startup for a three-month pilot.

I really enjoy working in a startup environment because you can grow faster, you have more responsibilities, and you need to work with different technologies. Startups are a big opportunity to grow, so I loved the fact that Commit worked with startups and that they were trying to find engineers with that startup mindset.

-Eliana Lopez
Commit EP, Senior Software Developer @ WonderFi

I think that Commit is re-envisioning the concept of recruitment and I think that what they’re doing to empower engineers is a really cool thing. I know talking to recruiters is absolutely awful sometimes. Coming to Commit, they kind of flipped that upside-down and they make it a really enjoyable process, giving the engineer the ability to try startups to find a base there.

-Darren Bangsund
Commit EP, Back-End Engineer @ Dapper Labs

Commit is really filling that need where an engineer needs to find an offer that works for them. A lot of companies out there aren’t good places to work, let’s leave it at that. As a company, you have a hard time making sure that a person you’re hiring is a good fit for your team, capable of performing the job and integrating with your team. There are a lot of unknowns that are very hard to clarify with interviews. I think that was what attracted me the most to Commit. These unknowns are pretty much clarified by the Commit process, including the pilot.

-Xavier Del Castillo
Commit EP, Senior Software Engineer @ Side

Joining a company full-time is a big commitment. There’s a huge investment of time and energy. If it doesn’t work out, you have to start again from scratch with another company. Commit’s model, where you get to test out projects and companies, ensures the fit is great for both parties.

-Lillian Liang
Commit EP, Senior Software Engineer @ Plastiq

If you’re interested in learning more about software engineers who’ve participated in previous cohorts of our program, we encourage you to check out: A Spotlight for Commit Engineering Partners


Commit does not charge engineers. Our business model lets you take on three-month pilots at different startups that pique your interest, funded by our Startup Partners.

All of our Startup Partners are vetted by our Partnerships team coming from venture capital backgrounds. Every startup you meet with is solving a valuable problem, has the business know-how to succeed and treats engineers fairly.


What is Commit's tech stack?

Commit is built on top of our open-source initiative, Zero.

Our tech stack is: Go, Node.js, React, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Gatsby.

Other tools we use include ZenHub, Slack, Zoom, Airtable, GSuite, and Figma.

What are Commit's values?

How we treat each other: with trust and empathy

How we work: collaboratively and out loud

How we grow: by helping and learning

What types of startups do Commit work with?

Commit works with VC-backed early-stage startups. Practically, most of our startups will be seed or series A stage (<50 employees, <$10M in VC funding raised), and some of our companies will be at the series B or series C stage where they are experiencing hyper-growth, but still <300 employees.

We don’t work with larger companies – if you want to join a public tech company (or a large, almost public company like Stripe), Commit will not be able to help you!

Click the link here if you’d like to see specific examples of our Startup Partners!


What is the difference between Commit and a recruiting agency?

Commit is structured more like an accelerator or Entrepreneur In Residence program than a recruiting agency.

Our #1 customer is you, the Engineering Partner, not the Startup Partner. Our focus is on helping you find the right startup based on your specific interests and skillsets.

When you join a Startup Partner, you remain part of the Commit community and retain access to the community. When you join Commit, you get access to our peer network for life!

Our founders explain why they started Commit and how to know if you are a good fit for our Engineering Partner Program.


🏥 Extended health plan

Commit offers top-of-the-line benefits, including extended health, vision and dental. For you, and for your family.

💻 Tools

You need the right equipment to do your best work. Bring your own setup, or use a laptop provided by Commit.

⚽️ Coaching

We provide free coaching for all of our Engineering Partners. These are confidential conversations for you to focus on your personal growth.

🌎 Remote-first

We’re a remote-first company that prioritizes asynchronous communication and intentional community meetups.

🎒 Community-led support

You have access to all of our Engineering Partners from past cohorts. Curious about what it’s like to join a startup as the first engineer? Looking for the best course on Rust? Running into an issue with Terraform that you can’t solve? Someone in the community has been in your shoes and can help.

🏝 Vacation

Life happens… and sometimes you need a day to sort it out. At Commit, these are called Personal Days. There is no limit on Sick Days or Personal Days.

We provide 15 vacation days, on top of 12 statutory holidays while you’re part of the Engineering Partner program.