P2P Q+A: How do you deal with imposter syndrome?

In this edition of our peer-to-peer Q+A, a Commit community member asks for suggestions in managing feelings of inadequacy.

Building a Learner’s Mindset: An interview series with Outschool’s Bethany Foote — Part 3

“Even after 20 years in the industry, you have stuff to learn—even from a co-op student. I have things to learn about the industry, the company I work for and the tools I use. My way is not always the best way.”

Building a Learner’s Mindset: An interview series with Outschool’s Bethany Foote — Part 2

“Don’t schedule everything for the last minute so that single, super-skilled person has to take responsibility for everything. Build time into your schedule so they can train other people.”

Building a Learner’s Mindset: An interview series with Outschool’s Bethany Foote — Part 1

“You can’t take your job title with you, you can’t always take your seniority with you, but you can take your toolbox of skills. So when you have an opportunity to learn and build that toolbox, take it.”

Building a 5-in-1 documentation site with Docusaurus

“Documentation is part of the software—if users can’t figure out how to use the software, then there is no value delivered. If the docs aren’t in the same repo as the code, people will invariably forget to update them, and if the docs are out of sync with the code, they are almost useless.”

Starting with Zero

Commit Engineer Martin Jung joined the startup PlaceHolder in 2020 as their first engineer hire. But he didn’t go alone. Martin brought Zero, Commit’s open source tool, a DevOps resource to complement his skills in application development.

Welcome to Commit’s Platform blog series

In this blog series, we’ll discuss the technical challenges we face as we expand and evolve the Commit Platform, which we use to match talented Engineers with startups that meet their needs and goals.

The Next Silicon Valley Will Be Remote

“Silicon Valley is moving to the Cloud” – In a recent interview by Bloomberg, Andreessen said remote work and distributed companies in the post-covid world are moving Silicon Valley to the cloud.

Join us for a Developer Relations Panel with HashiCorp, Microsoft, Kong and Ambassador Labs

Join us: Thursday, May 13th at 11 am Pacific Time for this livestream discussion, and participate in the live Q&A at the end to ask your own questions.

To manage or not to manage: Which career path is right for you?

We talked to two Commit Engineers, Sim Brar and Toly Kudrevatykh, who chose to follow a management track partway into their careers, only to switch back to being independent contributors. We asked with them about the thought processes behind their decisions, what it was like managing people, and why they chose to return to the IC path.