How to hire intermediate engineers

Why you should hire engineers who aren’t mission-driven

I talk to dozens of startup founders a week, and each conversation is focused on what they look for in early engineering hires. The most common refrain I hear is that they’re looking for “mission-driven” hires.

First Line of Code: Dessy Daskalov of Nudge

Dessy Daskalov is the co-founder and CTO of Nudge, a Toronto-based startup building a digital communications platform for deskless and frontline employees. Nudge provides employees with the information and tools they need to stay connected at work and reach organizational goals.

How Commit is experimenting with asynchronous interviewing

Commit is experimenting with making many aspects of our interviewing process asynchronous. It’s not because we’re anti-social; we believe it makes for a meaningfully better interviewing experience and helps us attract the best candidates.

First Line of Code Alexis Smirnov, Dialogue

In our First Line of Code series, Commit co-founder Beier Cai talks to prominent tech founders and leaders building the next generation of companies, to hear about their career journeys and lessons learned from their early days.

Best Practices for Remote Onboarding of Software Engineers

Onboarding is one aspect of the employee experience that often gets overlooked, especially for early-stage startups that have no official HR function. Why? Founders care deeply about recruiting the best people, and setting them up for success, so it’s not that onboarding doesn’t matter to them. It’s because of recency bias.

Why you need a Data Room for hiring

It’s a talent-scarce market right now, and recruiting processes need to evolve to reflect that. Ultimately employees have leverage, and they want to work at companies that treat them as partners who founders can learn from.