Why you should hire engineers who aren’t mission-driven

I talk to dozens of startup founders a week, and each conversation is focused on what they look for in early engineering hires. The most common refrain I hear is that they’re looking for “mission-driven” hires.

Testing Network Load Balancer on Commit’s open source Zero infrastructure

As part of the testing for our open source project Zero, which helps early-stage startups accelerate the development of their product, we are constantly trying to improve the infrastructure and tools in the Zero ecosystem. To this end, I was trying to make a switch to using Amazon Web Services’ Network Load Balancer from their “Classic” Elastic Load Balancer. NLB is billed as AWS’s next generation of load balancers. I was hoping for a better experience than I’ve had with ELB—although my experience with ELB has been mostly positive, as it tends to be fairly fast and stable. We’ve been using ELB with Kubernetes for quite some time, so I’m confident in how these technologies work together.

Join us for a Developer Relations Panel with HashiCorp, Microsoft, Kong and Ambassador Labs

Join us: Thursday, May 13th at 11 am Pacific Time for this livestream discussion, and participate in the live Q&A at the end to ask your own questions.

Speed and simplicity: My Commit hackathon onboarding project

I wanted to create a simple, blazing-fast “Notion-lite” that would let you make easily shareable notes and collaborate in real time, with no account required. Of course, the experience also had to be seamless between web and mobile. Thus, Sharenotes was born.

To manage or not to manage: Which career path is right for you?

We talked to two Commit Engineers, Sim Brar and Toly Kudrevatykh, who chose to follow a management track partway into their careers, only to switch back to being independent contributors. We asked with them about the thought processes behind their decisions, what it was like managing people, and why they chose to return to the IC path.

How my Commit hackathon onboarding project found me

For some, it would be a dream come true: for almost a whole week, you get to work on any project you like. You pick the tech, you choose the APIs, you define the requirements. Build whatever you want…

How Commit is experimenting with asynchronous interviewing

Commit is experimenting with making many aspects of our interviewing process asynchronous. It’s not because we’re anti-social; we believe it makes for a meaningfully better interviewing experience and helps us attract the best candidates.

Top Book Recommendations from our Engineers (and other team members)

We have a slack channel dedicated to books recommended by our Engineers and other team members. It’s a great source of new reads and a way to pique interest on topics we might never have thought to read about (like pirates….real ones). Here are some of our top picks, based on Slack engagement.

First Line of Code Alexis Smirnov, Dialogue

In our First Line of Code series, Commit co-founder Beier Cai talks to prominent tech founders and leaders building the next generation of companies, to hear about their career journeys and lessons learned from their early days.

Building a winner: My hackathon onboarding project

I chose React and Node.js for the tech stack because of their popularity with startups and my unfamiliarity with them. My background is in procedural programming, so the architecture of Node, with its asynchronous event loop, is new to me. But I was eager to dive in and learn. This tech stack seemed ideal for an app in which data is pushed to the client as the server retrieves and parses it.