Machine Learning Ops With FastAPI and Celery

Commit Engineer Kingsley Torlowei shows how he built a configurable machine learning pipeline with FastAPI, Celery and Redis.

P2P Q+A: How do you deal with imposter syndrome?

In this edition of our peer-to-peer Q+A, a Commit community member asks for suggestions in managing feelings of inadequacy.

Grinding it out: My hackathon onboarding project

Commit Engineer, Xavier del Castillo, discusses his approach to building Irontemple, a workout app.

Committed to Success: Andrew Lukonin

“The startup scene is more my forte. It’s faster paced, with more responsibility. It’s not just that your decisions have a greater impact, it’s that you hold much more responsibility. I felt enticed and excited by that.”

Committed to Success: Curtis Smith of Certn

“They literally saved me hundreds of hours, and they helped us scale through a period of hyper growth by adding some really core pieces to the team.”

Committed to success: Djordje Vujatovic

“Certn is different because they have a great company culture, a good product and a great team. They also encourage learning new skills and will financially support you with that.”

Committed to success: Brian St. Amand

“Every startup struggles with being in a little bubble, and Commit can help with getting out of that bubble.”

Thriving remotely: An interview series with Buffer’s Katie Wilde — Part 5

“I find it helps me be less stressed about interpersonal conflict to become more curious about why certain behaviours make sense to people.”

Thriving remotely: An interview series with Buffer’s Katie Wilde — Part 4

“I find that asking yourself ‘what is this person optimizing for’ is quite a useful thing, because people are almost always doing things that make sense to them at the time. You want to help them understand why the incorrect behaviour might have made sense at the time. If you don’t, they’ll do it again.”

Starting with Zero

Commit Engineer Martin Jung joined the startup PlaceHolder in 2020 as their first engineer hire. But he didn’t go alone. Martin brought Zero, Commit’s open source tool, a DevOps resource to complement his skills in application development.